Sustainable by design

We provide our members with the right infrastructure to live a more sustainable life.



Recycling waste by yourself can be challenging. We make this much easier by integrating waste separation in our building design.


Smart lightning

We help you reduce energy usage by determining when lights should be switched on/off and by using sensors to detect (in)activity.


Green energy

In all our buildings we try to generate  energy from sustainable sources, which we give back to our community or to the energy grid.

Green living environment

Nature is an integral part of all our building designs. Our goal is to bring nature back to our cities and create places where people dream to live and work in.


Don’t you just love to be surrounded by plants and trees? In matter of fact, it actually makes you feel happier and healthier.


Plants contribute to better isolation, air quality and sound absorption and increases your wellbeing considerably.

Cross laminated timber

The return of the most used construction material in human history 'timber' could play a key role in reducing our carbon footprint. When trees grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. So when we use timber to construct our buildings the CO2 is basically captured in the material, giving it a big advantage over concrete and steel.

The past few years architects all over the world have started to use cross laminated timber (CLT) in their designs. Compared with regular timber, CLT provides additional strength, stability, durability and fire safety. This makes it a viable option to build high-rises.

Benefits of CLT:


Opposed to steel and concrete, timber as main construction material reduces our carbon footprint and has a lower level of energy consumption.


Cities need to add new homes to existing stock rapidly. Timber’s light weight makes it possible to build extra floors on existing buildings.


Timber is ideal for prefabrication. It increases the speed of construction and reduces the number of truck deliveries to the project site.