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Why partner with Habit?

Habit is a tech-enabled property manager who partners with developers and architects to co-create green rental properties that deliver affordable and convenient housing to today’s renters.


Our co-living model allows us to create a win-win scenario by keeping the price for members low and giving investors access to an asset with a higher NOI per m2 compared to traditional multi-family apartments.


We work with the best in class architects to build efficiently designed co-living properties. We make our properties future-proof by ensuring that that they are easily convertible to multi-family apartments.


We use the latest technology to optimize our operational efficiency and create a seamless living experience for our members. We achieve this by digitizing processes and eliminating the need for human interference.

OUR partnership Strategy

Who do we partner with?

We believe in building sustainable relationships and define the future of co-living together. We bring the specific co-living expertise and bring all parties together in a beneficial way.


We collaborate with family offices and institutional investors and envisage to eventually make our assets available for retail investors and tenants.


We collaborate with developers that want to be a part of the Co-living movement and  help them transform their projects into future proof initiatives.

City Council

We want to anticipate to the urban problems of today and tomorrow. Together with cities we aim to transform sites and make cities a better place to live.


Design is crucial for making co-living work. Therefore we partner with top talent to design spaces in the most efficient way and in which people can connect.

Our partnership approach

How do we work together?

Although no deal is the same, we like to follow several stages in the partnership process. No matter what stage your project is in, we are there to help you build high demand and future proof co-living units with an optimised member experience.


Alignment meetings

We get to know each other and discuss a basic partnership approach.


Site identification

We focus on urban areas with at least space for 100 co-living units.


Smart design

We are experts on co-living and translate customer demands in our design.



We work closely together with developers to keep the project on time and in line with the overall strategy.



We ensure fast lease-up with a fully digital customer journey, marketing strategy and digital leasing process.


Property management

We take care of the operations, manage communities and build long-lasting relationships with our tenants.


Long-term partnership

We partner with investors who have a long-term horizon and want to shape the future of co-living together.
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