Our Units

We offer different type of units, ranging from private units to shared units. No matter what option you choose, you will always have access to our communal spaces.


1 person | 30-35m²

Stepping into our studio is like stepping into a new world of efficient design.


2 persons | 50-60m²

Every inch of the twodio is designed to make it easier for people to live together.

Our Design

You want to stay connected and learn from others, but you want to able to decide how and when. That is why your new home is carefully designed for people who live together with the right balance between connectivity and privacy.

Your unit
Your floor
Your house
Your city

Floor kitchen
Living space
Laundry room
Note: Each situation might differ depending on the location and size of the building

Our Services

We want you to spend your time on the things that matter to you most. That is why we offer you an all-inclusive environment with services only one click away.

Weekly cleaning

We will make sure all shared spaces are cleaned at least once a week. Communal kitchens will be cleaned every day.

Utilities & WiFI

You don't have to worry about finding the best price. We will make sure we negotiate the best price for you every year.


All our units are move-in ready. Nevertheless, we give you plenty of space to personalise your unit to your own taste!

Basic supplies

We provide you with all essential living supplies. So you'll never again have to argue about who is going to buy the olive oil this time!

Room cleaning

We understand you have a busy life. That is why we make your life easier with our on-demand housekeeping service.

Bike rental

Keeping your bike in good shape can be a difficult process. We offer your a flexible bike rental contract and take care of the rest.

Onsite laundry

All our properties have an on-site laundry room with all supplies needed. If you want, we can also wash your clothes for you!

Event rooms

If you want to organise a special party or host an event for your company, you can easily book beautiful event rooms in our buildings.

Our Community

Being part of the Habit community gives you access to a wide range of events where you can meet like-minded people. We want you to experience living together like never before and the best thing of all, you are always invited and never obligated!

Meet new people

Whether it is for socializing, networking or relaxing, our communal spaces offer everything you need to do so.

Community events

Join events organised by our community managers or host your own event. We will make sure you never get bored.

Easy transfer

Being part of Habit enables you to easily move between our future international locations.

Never obligated

Live together but on your own terms. We create the right balance between privacy and connectivity.