The team

We are on a mission to redefine the way we live and build

Justin Wedekind

Co-Founder | Business Development

David Wiegel

Co-Founder | Finance & Operations

Tobias Kreuger

Co-founder | Product & Marketing

Redefine the way we live...

We want to redefine the way we live in cities, because simply building more houses doesn't provide a solution to the problems of our new urban realities. In almost every city housing prices continue to rise, while income growth is failing to keep up. In other words, it is becoming much more difficult for normal people to find an affordable place to live. And despite the fact that cities are growing, it doesn’t prevent people from feeling isolated and lonely. City streets are filled with anonymous faces and people rarely know who their neighbours are. ​

We want to look beyond monotone construction projects and fundamentally change the way we live together. Through better use of (existing) space and shared living costs, coliving enables more affordable housing and improves quality of life.

...and rethink the way we build

Urbanisation is putting pressure on our planet's resources like never before. Between 2019 and 2025, 2 billion square meters of new building stock is required every year! Only few people know that construction alone contributes to almost 50% of global climate change which is caused by the high carbon footprint of cement and steel production. We believe cities should be build in a more ecological way with cross laminated timber (CLT) as main construction material. CLT has a low carbon footprint, can be used to build high rises and is fire resistant unlike traditional timber.​

Besides the ecological advantages, timber and plants have a strong impact on the health and wellbeing of people. By integrating timber and plants in our design, we want to bring nature back to our cities and create places where people dream to live and work in.